Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases & Covers

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Here are our selection of top cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on release day, including official samsung, wallet, tough and slim cases, you’re sure to find the perfect case for you within this stunning line up:

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29 Comments on Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases & Covers

  1. i prefer the classic phone design instead of edge. when s6 was released i bought the classic design but in s7 there is something that we can not neglect easily which is the 3600ma battery the put for edge serie only

  2. Nul , SURTOUT NE PAS PRENDRE CES ETUITS CORVER , une semaine après la mise en place de ces fameux étui ( S VIEW COVER) j'ai remarqué des micros rayures sur l'écran de mon GALAXY S7 EDGE tous neuf

  3. i bought a clear view cover for my s7 edge, i love the case design it looks definitly great and feels awesome in hands but its quality is a lack to its price, it scratches SO easily, the lack of a flip lock sucks and theres bubbles/ circle marks inside the coating, i guess, like it have air inside the coating protector in front of it, that appeared just randomly night to day… i only got it for 1 week so im quite disappointed, its not that cheap for such lame quality

  4. Two responses to this video.

    1: The Ottobox symmetry case is EXTREMELY "slick" as in "slippery". It is very easy for the phone to slip out of your hand and fall to the gound.

    2: There are currently no cases that include a "screen" protector. So it is very easy to scratch your screen. There are films that can be on the screen, but they ALL start to peel after putting the phone into a back case. By back case I mean a case that has no front phone protection, like the Ottobox defender.

    I have an S7 Edge and have tests and returned many cases.Finally as for now decided on a Speck case with thin rubber ribs on the back of the case to help increase grip. But still no front glass protection. I did get a Zagg film protector and had it professionally installed and they even warned me of edge curl, which is happening since the back cases do not cover the edges of the film. I just have to push the film back onto the screen when it starts to peel off.

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