Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases & Covers

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Here are our selection of top cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 on release day, including official samsung cases like the keyboard cover, LED cover, wallet, tough and slim cases, you’re sure to find the perfect case for you within this stunning line up:

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11 Comments on Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases & Covers

  1. The bad thing about the keyboard case is that the keys don't light up so if you need to type something in the dark you might as well use the screen touch pad. The last one is good but imagine if you accidentally leave your phone somewhere or it falls out of your pocket and you have your credit cards in there. Talk about easy access for whoever finds your phone first.

  2. I am not a fan of the defender for S7 at all. Those curved edges on the phone causes the plastic screen not to lie flush against the phone's screen. It's especially pronounced at the screen's edges and down at the home button. I find I have to press extra hard in those areas to get the desired results.

    The design quality is very poor this time around. And for someone who doesn't like typing on smartphone screens that much anyway it's especially annoying.

  3. Its a beautiful phone that needs to be seen and I dislike thick cases on medium to large phones, so the Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy S7 Case is the best for me.

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