Top 5 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 edge over Galaxy S7!

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is one of the best Android phones of 2016 so far, but if you are deciding between it and the Galaxy S7, let us give you five reasons why you should choose the S7 edge!
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34 Comments on Top 5 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 edge over Galaxy S7!

  1. Reasons not to buy – mono speaker, no IR blaster, no removable battery, Samsung slow with updates, smudge magnet, no fm radio, bloatware, no mail or messages for always on display, expensive, etc.

  2. I think samsung made the s7 edge at 5.5 inches so I would at least now be more than worth the $100.more than the vanilla s7. Secondly I think those edge features can also be used on the regular s7.

  3. And the main reason to buy neither is that Samsung can't be bothered to keep their phones up to date with the latest versions of Android. Even with these new phones when Android N comes out it will take at least 6 months before they update them. Then when the next version of Android comes out they probably wont bother to update them at all. That is fine if you change your phone every year but irritating if you like to keep a phone for longer, to get full value for money. Nexus 6P is the way to go, a superb phone and will always have the latest version of Android.

  4. I'm on my s7 edge and I've been critical of Samsung in the past. This is the best smartphone I've ever had and I've had many of them from iPhones to an old Palm treo. This thing is very good…

  5. I think I'll bee trying the iPhone when they switch to OLED screens. i've been using the S6 Edge + and I'm just annoyed how the edges dig in to my hand after some time of use. My hand just hurts holding the phone.

  6. Here in Canada its the exact opposite. s7 is available in titanium while edge is only available in black. what i really want is the white. What countries have it?

  7. r u kidding me?! those reasons sucks!!!!!!! for the screen I might hate 5.5 and prefer 5.1 for the colour maybe I would love the gold more and for the edge I think there is no purpose of it!

  8. Do not buy this device it's a piece of shit phone!!! I also had it and it didn't even last long because Sammy sucks and they can't even make an device properly, i was lucky to get an refund beware it's hard to replace an device in this year some shop companies dnt let u have an refund so u must take it further and thts how u will get the money bk simple nd easy wait for the LG G6 or G7, V10 series, nexus series Jst wait for those to arrive. ?The note 6 will suck it will just be like the s7 edge I hope so. ?

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