Top 5 Phones You Can Buy RIGHT NOW!

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We usually save our top 5 smartphone lists until the end of the year but, given the influx of new phones that have landed in our laps, we figured now would be just as good a time as ever to bring you a list of our favorites.


BlackBerry Priv Review:
Nexus 6P Review:
iPhone 6s Plus Review:
Galaxy S7 Edge Review:
HTC 10 Review:

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BlackBerry Priv:
Nexus 6P:
iPhone 6s Plus:
Galaxy S7 Edge:
HTC M10:

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35 Comments on Top 5 Phones You Can Buy RIGHT NOW!

  1. I feel like once I use an apple mobile product for a long time I start to get sick of it. I mean the emojis are nice, but I might get the 6P. ?

  2. my opinion is that .. if u buy a phone for only the camera and some useless features go for s7
    if u want a phone only for ur ego with paying much more money to get phone that hate sharing then go for iphone
    if u want a phone with modules u'll never use go for g5
    the over all phone is for me

    htc 10 is the best over all phone nowadays
    maybe it have a slightly lower camera and software performance and may be less loud speaker but not bad at all '' plus it didn't get the latest update or firmware like the others''
    may be it lacks a new innovation but it get directly through the point

    best build quality
    best software
    best front camera
    best 3000 mA battery
    nice screen
    very nice sound
    very good camera
    and the fastest non nexus phone to get updates

  3. Hmm, I have a question born from this video, is it possible to make a slide/sliding phone like the Blackberry Priv that is also water and dust proof like the Galaxy S7 Edge?

  4. I've been a dedicated HTC user for 14-15 years. Had 2 m8 both were defective. Got the LG G4 ever looked back, outstanding phone. The HTC had an awesome camera for night and that was about it, the LG has an amazing camera no wash outs and you an go 100% manual.

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