Top 5 Phones of 2015!

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Here are the top 5 smartphones of 2015, ranked.

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Galaxy S6 Edge+ review:
BlackBerry Priv review:
iPhone 6s Plus review:
Moto X Pure review:

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26 Comments on Top 5 Phones of 2015!

  1. Loving my 6P! Love everything about the thing, big AMOLED screen, front speakers, stock Android, great camera, metal build, usb type C, rear finger print scanner.

  2. You guys just hate Apple, which is why I unsubbed. They aren't the best but they are incredibly good. I'd rate the 6s 1st or 2nd. And YOU PUT A FUCKING BLACKBERRY that sucks shit ahead of iPhone… like please techno buffalo please

  3. I agree with nexus 6p and moto X style (pure) on this list but come back on
    blackberry, iPhone and Samsung? are this only brands you know?
    where is LG v10, Xperia Z5 etc there's a lot of great phones from 2015 and it's not necessary that top smartphone choice is a flagship all the way

  4. 1) Samsung Galaxy note5/s6 edge +
    2) LG V10
    3) iPhone 6s +
    4) Nexus 6P
    5) LG G4
    Those are my top five. I'm personally an iPhone owner but then again I would be satisfied with any android device on this list :)

  5. Where is the LG V10 on this. LG is the only manufacturer that listens to people and gives them a replace battery and a micro SD card slot. Samsung phones are too overpriced(to say nothing about the 150$ cost to build and market the Iphone 6s)

  6. What's the best phone with >3GB RAM, dual SIM, microSD? None of the mentioned phones have all of that! Any advice would be helpful as I am looking for a new phone with all of that. Currently on galaxy s3 (:

  7. yay I have the number one phone I'm glad I chose this over the note 5 so very very happy because Samsung is bad at rolling out updates which Google/nexus is good at so hurray

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