Top 5 iPhone 7 Rumors & Leaks for 2016!

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iPhone 7 Top 5 Rumors & Leaks in 2016! NO Headphones, Design Refresh, Waterproof, new display technology and iPhone 6C?

Updated on 01/30/16: New iPhone 7 Rumors – Is This It?!

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Apple’s iPhone 7 is scheduled for release in fall of 2016! In addition to removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple may axe the home button on the iPhone 7, while majorly updating the design.

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41 Comments on Top 5 iPhone 7 Rumors & Leaks for 2016!

  1. I don't fully think they will get rid of the audio jack. maybe redesign. and I'm surprised they haven't figured out how to make the apple logo light up for different things yet. that'd what I want. and fast adaptive charging

  2. The headphone jack is not keeping them from making it thinner. The latest gen iPod Touch is thinner than the iPhone with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Apple is simply trying to make their phones as proprietary as possible, so you are forced to buy extra accessories from them.

  3. I personally won't be buying another iPhone until they make them more customizable.
    Or they stop updating just to shut down jailbreaks.

    iPhones Apple products are great, but by guy those things are boring just to look at.

  4. Here you go apple,here's what people want with the new iPhone (or at least everyone who actually say what they want). We want the iPhone 5 5s 5c models size or even the 6 model size(iPhone 6 only) They were perfect! We don't want them any thinner! We don't want to buy new headphones! (PLEASE DONT DO THAT!) We want water proof phones or even phones that are very good against water (like the apple watch) .We want a better battery life! We don't want things to fill up our gb if we don't use them ( eg podcast,health,stocks,voice memos and tip). And I know this one is stupid but please don't make them soooooo expensive ( iPhone 5c, €400 really? It's made of plastic!)

  5. the iphone 7 is not going to get thinner on purpose theg are taking away the headphone jack because it wastes valubale battery space and they will not have an oled for a long time because apple is making a lcd factory for their phones or maybe thwy will have an actual tv like samsung

  6. Dude, the iPod nano is 5.4mm thick. Apple would be completely full of crap if they claim thinness to the the reason unless it's less than 5 mm thick. Really less than 4 mm thick because the jack is 3.5 mm thick

  7. Your video lacks information on the headphone jack , Phillips and JBL have been working on earphones that works through the lighting port. Which delivers HD audio

  8. Not having a headphone jack wouldn't be to make the phone thinner as the iPod Nano is just over 5mm in thickness with a headphone jack.

  9. i now have the relesing date of the up coming ios 9.2.1
    it will com to us 1/4/2016 and the new jailbrack mith relese on 2/1/2016 iam not sore so do not blam me please and just wat and watch what will happen in 2016.

  10. Does that mean you wouldn't be able to charge your phone while using headphones? The whole idea of losing the headphone jack is so dumb. I really hope Apple doesn't do this. No headphone jack = no buying iPhone

  11. In terms of making the iPhone 7 thinner I think this is silly, we'd lose battery and make too many sacrifices. On the other hand I think that removing the headphone jack would be a good idea because it's so old and the sound quality is no where near as good as lightning audio could be. Wonder what they'll do…

  12. I usually upgrade every year but I will be holding on to my iPhone 6 and avoid the 7 with no head phone jack. I do not want to have to use an adaptor just to use my headphone. Hopefully this is just a rumor.

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