Top 5 Camera Apps for iOS – Edit Photos Like a Pro

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Apple’s iPhones take some impressive pictures, and they get better every year. Even though Apple has refused to go above the 8-megapixel threshold, the company’s smartphones—going back to the iPhone 4—take some of the cleanest, sharpest images in mobile. Not the very best, but close.

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Top 5 Camera Apps for Android:

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49 Comments on Top 5 Camera Apps for iOS – Edit Photos Like a Pro

  1. Can we all agree that some of us like android and some of us like iOS and leave it at that? Everyone has their own opinion and no one should be patronized for liking their own thing, you like android? Ok. Don't shove your religion down my throat everyone is their own person

  2. I used my first generation iPad mini to record a Hyperlapse video while I was in a car the video was so stable almost like I had a tripod with me
    By the way the iPad mini doesn't have OIS 

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