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My review of the top five best workout applications for iOS and Android. In this video, I discuss what are the best workout applications for helping you achieve your various fitness goals. I cover the best workout tracking app, personal training app, quick 7-minnute workout app, workout generator, and strength training app.

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22 Comments on Top 5 Best Workout Apps – RizKnows – Fitness App Reviews

  1. SL5x5 is a good app. Starting with just the bar to get yourself used to the movements if you haven't done them or are re-starting a program is a good thing. The linear progression of adding the 5lb per exercise per workout, or 10lb per deadlift session, works well until you start stalling, but even then it adjusts and has you deload and/or switch to 3×3 and 1×3. I've been using SL for three months now while getting myself back on track and it's been great. It, along with my Push band, have helped keep me on track and motivated.

  2. Great review.  Have tried so many, but every time I go to the gym don't tend to do them, instead just follow my same routine… boring.  Like these 5, and am going to delete the others I have, and concentrate on these 5.  Thanks for all your great reviews.

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