Top 5 Best smartphones you can buy in 2016 | best smartphones

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Hello everyone here are the 5 smartphones you can buy in 2016
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Buy the Top 5 Smartphones of 2016:
1. S7 & S7 Edge:
2.iPhone 6s & 6s plus:
3. Lg G5 :
4. Nexus 6P :
5. sony z5 :

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49 Comments on Top 5 Best smartphones you can buy in 2016 | best smartphones

  1. I personally have a Huawei.Huawei has unbreakable screen (that means,that it has very strong screen)
    I recommend Huawei,when u want a strong phone.My Huawei has fallen thousand times,soo hard,but….NOTHING.

  2. hi i am looking fr the best camera phone under 25000-30000 with gud performance nd dual sim.

    i am in big confusion between honor 6 plus … honor 7…yu yutopia..lenovo vibe x3 ..vibe one e9+, htc me nd oneplus 2.
    plzz suggest me the best.

  3. you have a device in your hand, capable to connect to the worlds' largest library at your finger tips, yet they focus on which one takes the best pictures and videos of retarded people….how lame….now, show me a device that when someone from another location wants to talk to me, a clearer than life itself image of that person pops up without jittery connections, and without paying the over inflated tariffs through my neck from cell carriers, then you'll have me sitting on the edge of my seat from interest….

  4. why cant people make a 3 min vid of the top 5 picks. Just listing top features and actually TALKING! if your going to make a 10+ min video it better have compare and contrast in it as well as price listings!!!!!!!!

  5. So many ads they covers up all the info at the bottom of the video! Exit, Exit Exit every ad every 30 seconds….
    21 ads in one 10min YouTube video Totally Ridiculous! Get Real!!!!
    Afraid to show the likes and dislikes on this Video?

  6. yea yea yea sony sony sony, fuckin sony everywhere, i know it has a beautiful specs, high end technology, and i must admit it give me a handy option with the compact version. but hell no bro, fix z3 compact sudden death first! our complains hasn't got any response from freaking sony. fuckin sony, i hope z5 compact got sudden death too. a water proofed smartphone which sony suggest not to bring it into water? are you kidding me? so what's the point from buying a water proofed smartphone? fuckin sony

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