Top 5 Best Android Smartphones 2015 – 2016!

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These are my Top Android Smartphones of 2015 to early 2016:
ZTE Nubia Z9
HTC One M9
Xperia Z3+
Lenovo K3 Note
Xiaomi Mi5

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The Future technology of 2016:

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The Best Budget Phone Ever:

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The Mug that mixes your drink for You:

44 Comments on Top 5 Best Android Smartphones 2015 – 2016!

  1. I'm planning on switching to android even though my parents and siblings all have Apple. I really do not like apple and would like to switch. Which of these new androids (or older ones if the newer models are too expensive) do you recommend that I get? There's too many for me, an uneducated simpleton, when it comes to phones, to make the decision for myself.

  2. really, really good video. Wish I had found this before spending hours of hours searching for the right phone for me. From specs the Mi5 really sounds incredible but the software and service is not appropriate for ppl like me, living in europe. I am going to get the Sony Z5 Compact soon

    You forgot the LG G4 though.

  3. Thats so wrong Galaxy 6s? LG 4?Galaxy Note 5? LG V10?The Smartphones wasn't the best just Smartphones yiu buy because they cheap one phone has 2 gb ram V10 has 4gb ram so bad video.

  4. Great review! Hello, I'd like to ask, I'm planning to buy the Sony Xperia C4 would you recommend it as phone great for concerts that has a low light environment and I'm quite far from the stage? Or do you have something better but with the same price range or cheaper? Thank you. :)

  5. Terrible, the Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the best (if not best) Better Display of all,Fastest on opening apps,extremely unique,One of the best camera (if not the best).

  6. So I have the Motorola Droid mini, it was a great phone when I got it like almost a year ago. It sort of still is but now it the battery is just crap. Some days I can almost go a full day till it dies, but others it will die in 5 hours when i'm not even using it. It starts burning up in my pocket. Its been getting really slow too. So now i'm going to upgrade, I love androids and i'm looking for something really good and new from this year but not huge ( size wise ). Anyone have recommendations? if you say Iphone ill kick you

  7. I had a lenovo k3 note
    what a beautiful machine
    screen was really damn good and well put together
    camera too
    it's a bit too light for me
    but not bad
    performance is good too

  8. The list is great and all but I do not know how I feel about the Mi 5 technically the specs look amazing but it still is not out and tested so to put in first is really just speculation but I know why you put it there ! Anyways great job with the vid :)

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