Top 5 Apps on Android/IOS – January

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Checking out some of the best Apps available on both IOS and Android! ►App links below◄
1) MyMail(ios):
MyMail (Android):
2) Ibotta:
3) Waze:
4) Heavenstrike:
5) Magic Rush (ios):
Magic Rush (android):
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♦Budget Filming/Youtube Gear:

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44 Comments on Top 5 Apps on Android/IOS – January

  1. Could you do a paid edition? Here are my paid GAMES suggestions:
    •Hitman GO
    •Lara Croft GO
    •Hitman Sniper
    •Dark Echo
    •Alto's Adventure
    •Burn it down
    •Assassins Creed Identity
    •The Silent Age
    •Monument Valley
    I have 46 games on my iPhone 5s 64GB and these are my best ones (in my opinion) I also have the FNAF & Modern Combat series's and Goat Simulator, GoatZ, I am Bread, Surgeon Simulator and a ton of Ketchapp's games. Please feature some of my list above if you can in your videos, also I love your channel thanks :D

  2. Hey can. You do a video about a great monitor for productivity and gaming with a great price? I'm wanting to start a channel and I can't find a good monitor for both gaming and productivity thanks!

  3. I find apps that include were cops are is stupid, just dont fucking be an idiot and speed its honestly that easy there is nothing ever worth speeding for.

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