Top 5 Apps for the iPad Pro

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The new iPad Pro is a lot of fun, but what are the apps that really take advantage of it’s big screen and processing power? Here are my Top 5 apps for the iPad Pro.

Apps Featured in this video:
Tayasui Sketches:
AirPano Travel Book:
Living Earth:


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36 Comments on Top 5 Apps for the iPad Pro

  1. Damn, that's all I got to say. This video's attention to detail, the angles, everything, so we'll filmed and edited. Great list, great video. You deserve more subs, definitely.

  2. Wow. Awesome quality. While watching I thought "yeah, probably one really big YouTuber" (even have german translation as subtitle), scrolled down and saw subscribers, views and all these comments about the quality 😀
    Yeah. great editing, simply, clever, on point. I hope you will get attention and money one day for this. You should.

    But there is a con.
    You're "Top apps" are not very iPad Pro likely. Only 1 pencil app? 3 apps just because off size? cmon!

  3. OMG !! This piece of shit is so useless.. How people can be so naive ? Why would u buy this ? Many apps are also available on iphone and why would u spend 1000$ on a bigger iphone ??

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