Top 5 Apple Watch Apps (January 2016)

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We take a look at my top 5 favorite apps that you can download onto the Apple Watch!

Mentioned Apps:
5: Complicate it
4: Traffic Monitor
3: Lose it!
2: Gratuity
1: Flashcards+

Past Months:

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29 Comments on Top 5 Apple Watch Apps (January 2016)

  1. OneNote is great for note taking, you can download it on your computer, and phone and they will all sync to each other, I mainly use it to cheat on exams…

  2. I just love to see this types of applications. I'm still like googling a ton of why I should buy an Apple Watch. Found this video, all the apps I've seen so far do shit that I could do in my head in half a sec. "Calculating tip" really?
    "Finding location" I don't know about you but I don't travel 99% of my time. I live in the same town and know it inside out.
    "Fitness" I don't work out. I play golf in the summer and there are 1000s of apps for this, but it doesnt help my game. The problem with golf is that it's a state of mind rather then having algoritms tell me about my swing, it would only confuse me. A cool app would be to have a mental coach instead, but this means that app developers have to work with professors, doctors and mental coaches.

    Overall, the problem I see with most apps is that you have to add too much input to make the app useful. I would like the watch to just know stuff, without me having to add all the stuff. For example, If I really wanted to get "fit", the app would automatically add what I eat, how much I move and how I sleep. Remind me and motivate me to actually do it.
    So far all of these functions and wearables feels more like a beta toy than an actual product. Trust me I want to buy a smart watch, the only problem is, where is the point?

    To not be so cynical. The only "app" I would find useful so far is texting. The reason for this is that it requires a minimum input in order to do what I want, it's actually better then a keyboard unless I want to input the message in private.

  3. Honestly my Apple Watch when I got it last year on June I loved it but now idk what new apps to get on it this video rlly helped me love the Apple Watch again thx for the vid

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