Top 5 Android N Features! (Dev Preview)

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Android N Developer Preview 1 of the next version of Android!

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42 Comments on Top 5 Android N Features! (Dev Preview)

  1. Does anyone know an app that allows me to reply to a text message as a popup on my screen/notification or something like that? I don't want a launcher, just some setting or app.

  2. The biggie is automatic updates.
    N will update itself every time there is a revision, just like Chrome OS.
    So the latest bug fixes and security updates will load as soon as they are released.
    Unfortunately, all current Android phones are not hardware compatible with this feature.
    So, I am putting off buying a new phone until the end of the year when the new hardware will catch up with the new software.

  3. Not an Apple Fan boy or Google fan boy im a little bit of both. But when iPhone had the night mode added to its IOS everyone was talking trash saying Android had that feature for years and that its too late to add and brag about it.. and so on. Now Nexus(stock/vanilla android) adds it in Android N as a stock feature and no trash talking is being made…. people often times things mixed up and automatically judge android by LGs skins and features, Samsungs, and HTC what they forget is that the true Android they can judge and criticize is the Android found on Nexus devices and some other manufactures. People need to stop looking at the tiny things and begin to appreciate technology and where its going in our generation.

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