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Todays video is about my Top 5 Android Jelly Bean 4.2 tips and tricks on my Nexus 4. Here i will show you how to access the JellyBean flinger, access settings quickly and much more! Don’t forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button, and if you would like, you can follow us on our social networks below!

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36 Comments on Top 5 Android Jelly Bean Tips & Tricks – TechBoomTV

  1. Hey Brandon so if your moving to android which phone will you get? I like the look of the nexus 4 after your unboxing and tips video, I also like the galaxy s3 also which do you prefer?

  2. Is that your new phone did you get rid of your iPhone 5? I have an iPhone 5 but thinking of getting rid and getting the s3 as I think iOS is getting very stale. Good video keep up the awesome vids

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