Top 30 Best RPG Games For Android & iOS

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Best Arpg,mmorpg games for android and iphone with best graphics some games may not available for ios but most of them are.
Best RPG Games to play in 2016.


Yo guys this time I brought this top 30 RPG Games this are the best RPG Games I found, mostly they are Arpg and mmorpg I have not included any 2D old school RPG Games I may consider making separate list for it if people want but hope you guys enjoy the video.

This are the best graphics RPG Games you will find on playstore as I see people want some good graphics RPG so here it is, I may forget some let me know in comment section below for future list.

Ingame songs:-
1)Tobu- Hope-
3)Jim yosef- lights-
4)Tobu & Itro- Sunburst-
5)Tobu- Mesmerize-
6)Itro & Tobu-…

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  2. wow like half of the top 30 consist of the exact same lame unoriginal generic action rpg diablo clone type games…… its cool u put a bards tale in there which is a classic from the 90's.. but why for gods sake would you put in a bards tale and leave out the real epic D&D blockbuster 90's games like the Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale sagas… Trust me those games should be in top ten at least

  3. i don't know why its not getting viral this was my best video every game i post in my list is my own gameplay footage really hoping for great response please give a share too people if you like the video.

  4. wooooooooooow man … u really made very cooooooooool video I didn't like it … I love it .. ur Chanel well always be my best Chanel .. and so .. I do understand technology and all its stuff but I don't know how to make a chanel I don't have any ideas … but u really taking care with urs .. man ur always the best …tch .. im speaking too much!!!

  5. Really Thank you all for 1000+ subscribers actually it was my goal too, to reach 1k subs before this year and I did it so thank you all 🙂 sorry it took time to upload busy with my exams but now its over and it really takes time to make this big list, feel free to give suggestion which list you want next maybe I will make it and also merry Christmas to all :D

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