Top 30 Best FPS Games for iOS & Android 2016

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This are the best list FPS games for smartphones, they are of multiplayer, single player, zombie genre and more even sci-fi genre to, FPS genre is growing stage for Android & iOS world. But its difficult to play this games on smartphones because touch screen arent suited for it neverthelesss gamers still play this genre games on mobile and its huge booming sector and their are powerful phones that can play this kinds of games like iPhone 6S Plus, Galaxy S7 edge, HTC 10 & Nexus 6P because they have powerful chip inside them like Apple A9 chip, or Samsung Exynos Chip or Snapdragon latest 820 Chip Which Have powerful GPUs to play.

So here is the list of Top 30 Best FPS games for iOS & Android, So Enjoy :).

Games Link :-

Radiation Island
iOS :-

Broderland Pre Sequel :-
iOS :-
Android :-

Doom 3 BFG Edition
iOS :-
Android :-…

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  1. I've got Modern Combat 5. It's good. My character moves a bit slow and it's taking me time to get used to touch screen controls but I have to be online to play it. I kind of just want to play an FPS game whenever I'm waiting in line at the bank or something. I'll try a few of these others out to see if I can play offline.

  2. Funnily enough, I tried to re-download The Drowning the other day because I used to have it, couldn't find it on the App Store and ended up getting it again from my Purchased apps, I couldn't play it when I launched it 🙁 sad, I remember it being good. Can someone tell me how to get it? Seeing as it's on this list I take it you can still get it right…

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