Top 3 Reasons To Get A Blackberry Passport

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Here are 3 good reason to get a Blackberry Passport if your in the market for one.

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43 Comments on Top 3 Reasons To Get A Blackberry Passport

  1. Just recent got my Passport SE. What an amazingly nag device with a battery that last and last! Works great and can use if needed Android apps. Plus such amazing sound with dual very powerful speakers. All around a great productivity device!

  2. Blackberry passport is a communication device and is focused on its own features… while the competition are just battling with marketing more useless features that aren't needed while slagging off that they have copied each other's ideas… Blackberry have stayed focused and not gone off with marketing with public brainwashed scams… don't compare Blackberry to anything else, it's in a league of its own… have owned my Passport for six months almost and I'm not missing my iPhone 6 at all… I'm not liking my iPad much either these days as the typing experience is awkward and not fluent like on my Passport… plus the iOS seems to be laggy and does things that never happened with the early iOS… with apps crashing! You're an individual that can make their own mind up… I'm not going to convince anyone including my friends to switch to the Passport… those who have and use Blackberry have a mind of their own, and understand the difference between what they want and what marketing makes you believe what you don't need!

  3. To show the numeric keypad, just swipe down, with one finger, on the physical keyboard – press the corresponding key on the physical keyboard – you don't need to touch the screen at all!

  4. I do like the BB Passport. The only problem is that am only willing to pay <$250 for it. I don't need one so I'm not willing to spend that much money to get one. Look at the price of the Z3, when it first came out it is around $699 unlock. Now you can find new one at $150, and still many in stock. BB must sell at a lower price than iOS and Android phones to sell.

  5. This is what a real smartphone should be like, sleek, sophisticated, cool and mature without all the unnecessary gimmicks and bloatware that come with Android and apple phones.

  6. blackberry company is doing a good job… keep it up. I love it. my blackberry curve 8520 is 8yrs old and is still going strong!!!! what about blackberry Classic and passport??? Kip it up blackberry.. GOOD JOB.. @ tyron ronty

  7. Hi there. I'm a bb fan and can't wait to get my new bb passport… but.. did you just say I won't be able to install/use Instagram with it?? I currently have a bb Q10 and was able to install Instagram by downloading a file, sending it by e-mail and then installing it into the device (found the 'how to' online). Thanks for your help!

  8. Could hardly make out what you were saying.  Terrible sound quality – perhaps, next time you could position an external microphone in front of you so you are facing it.  ??

  9. i love the new blackberry passport,, Though it could use two things a better camera(20 pix) and and an 8 quad core processor.

    My real passion for blackberry is dwindling though because its not available through my cell phone carrier so do i leave my carrier to get the blackberry passport that i so highly desire…

  10. Use the physical kb more to scroll and use shortcuts, no need for scrolling the browser with your fingers on the screen. T for top, B for bottom, use spacebar to scroll down, hold spacebar for continous scrolling. Assign keys for certain actions. No access to Instagram??? Wrong. I've been using the Passport 6 months now and you're bit off on so many levels. I assume you've not used a BB 10 device or Passport in particular for very long now. 

  11. hi….
     i want to ask one question … actually it's not one aT ALL  any way … when i saw lg g2 camera specification i saw that lg g2 better in the camera than lg g3 so here is my question is lg g3 in the camera features better than lg g2 and … one thing more could you please make a review ABOUT lg g3 camera and compare it with lg g2 thanks bro 😀 

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