Top 25 Best Adventure Games For Android/iOS

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Best Adventure Games For Android,iphone,tablet,iPad to play in 2016 this games are available on all platforms some 1-2 maybe not available for ios but most of them are.

Yo guys this time I brought this cool 25 adventure games for Android and iPhone i have tried to put most new games and some earlier good hope you guys enjoy the video.

Note: I have not included story mode games like Minecraft story mode,walking dead mostly they are more common if you want more like that search tellatale games mostly they made those type games and also there are many hidden object games but I have just included two maybe I will make list for it in future.

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Following are times and name of games I mentioned it he list:-

0.26- Tils morning
1.11- spider: rite of shrouded moon
1.52- Whispering willows
2.34- Forever lost episode 3
3.32- Draw a Stickman Epic 2
4.21- Assassins Creed pirates

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