Top 20 Upcoming Next-Gen Games 2015-2016 (Android and iOS) : Part 2

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Here is a list of next gen mobile games.
Part 1 :

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Game List:
1) Pokemon Go
2) Call of Champions
3) Ronin
4) Rayman Adventure
5) Nfs No limits
6) Torchlight
7) Star Wars : Galaxy Of Hereos
8) Z.O.N.A Project X
9) Relic of Gods
10) The Walking Dead

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29 Comments on Top 20 Upcoming Next-Gen Games 2015-2016 (Android and iOS) : Part 2

  1. For FPS gamers check out BULLET FORCE. An upcoming mobile fps game that is still in development by 1 person and let me tell you this it is the best mobile fps game so far. It wrecks MC5 and beat Critical Ops in every categories. The game has bullet drop, vehicles, awesome graphics, good community atmosphere and the developer is very active in the community and your suggestions and it is somewhat patterned to the beloved Battlefield 4 game. YOUR WELCOME! Game is shortly coming to ANDROID!!!!

  2. Guys there's a full call of duty game coming to iOS 2015 fall. Trayarch made it!
    3 years ago they started working on it.
    When iOS 9 came out and u look at hidden features in App Store the game only said. Call of Duty

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