Top 20 Online FPS/TPS Games For Android & iOS

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Best online fps and tps/ Shooting multiplayer games for Android and iOS
All games are online multiplayer games however some may have single campaign too.

Yo guys this time I made this list of top 20 online shooting multiplayer games for Android and iPhone this game I find best for multiplayer gaming if you trying to find out some shooting games which have multiplayer this are the best hope you guys enjoy the video.

Note – I would have added aafterpulse as people will ask about it but it is not released for Android and just soft release on some country for ios that’s why.

Names of games I mention in video:-
1-2 Games may not be available for ios

1)Brothers in arms 3
2)captain strike
3)star warfare ll- payback
4)overkill 3
5)Deadlock online
6)fields of battle
7)call of mini- Infinity
8)blitz brigade
9)Assault line cs
10)critical ops
11)walking war robots
13)modern combat 5
14)shadowgun: Deadzone
15)neon shadow
16)pixel Gun…

20 Comments on Top 20 Online FPS/TPS Games For Android & iOS

  1. why only online shooters!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. This is a horrible list full of free games. You should've named this "Top Free Online Shooter for iOS/Android". Plus if youre too naive to know, Frontline Commando 2 has artificial multiplayer with players you fight being controlled by bots. Haha no MC3,4? You dont have any money invested to even make this video.

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