Top 20 Best Upcoming Android / iOS Games Of 2016 HD Part 1

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20 Upcoming Games Of 2016 Part 2:
Top 20 Android Open World Games:

Some of these trailers look epic but let’s see how it all turns out when these games hits Google Play. Read more…

A few very popular PC, Steam and iOS games will also be ported over to Android but not all since some are exclusively being made for Android. Most games will be released early 2016 and I myself can’t wait.

It took some some time to gather these trailers but it was worth it.
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7 Comments on Top 20 Best Upcoming Android / iOS Games Of 2016 HD Part 1

  1. My only suggestion to you is to list the games your showing off the in the description. Helpful for the viewer. Some even out the timestamp next to the game name so that the viewer can jump to that specific game.

  2. Hey guys, Total War Battles: Kingdom has already been released a week ago. It came out sooner than I expected and I think it is one of the best war games out there. Feel free to hit the like button and subscribe for more.

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