Top 20 Best Free iOS 7 Tweaks and Apps

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Top 20 Best Free iOS 7 Tweaks and Apps for your iPhone

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41 Comments on Top 20 Best Free iOS 7 Tweaks and Apps

  1. is there a reason that anything that has to do with my dock never works. I tried doing the classic dock, nothing happens and i tried to use the dock shift but noting worked. I have an ancient iPhone 4 running 7.1.2 but i never works :(

  2. +iTwe4kz Hey man just so you know, for the tweak about the transparent volume, there is also a tweak that allows you to control how long the volume/ringer icon that pops up! You can make it so it disappears as soon as you let go of either volume button. The tweak that I use for that is called, "HUDspeed".

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