Top 14 BEST RPG Games For Android 2016

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Best RPG( Role Playing Games) for android & iOS some games may be available for ios 2016

Take a look at my earlier list:-
Top 3 Best Rpg Games for Android & iOS part 1:-
Top 14 best RPG games for Android part 2:-

So this is my third list of rpg games list hope you enjoy it.

The list is a mixture of every rpg category like mmmorpg,arpg,strategy one i find best of all and make a list on them i may make separate list for them in future.

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Note:-Some games may not be available at your country try changing country through vpn app

Link and Names of the Games i mentioned in the list:-

*Also check out final fantasy brave exvius i dont know whenever i open it goes black screen so couldnt show you.

Taichi panda: Heroes:-
Maiden legacy of the…

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  1. Sword art online: Black swordsman the link for downloading this game has malware my anti virus warned me like wtf trying to give me ppl virus. i really wanted to play this game

  2. lololololololololololololololololol im lolling because my computer is rendering an intro lolololol so funny watching words appear 15 seconds later lololol

  3. Sorry about the delay actually i was working on one other list too and my main exams on my head Thats why didnt get get much time but i have many list in my mind many new games i found i will show all one by one.

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