Top 10 Tips and Tricks every android user must know

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Here are the Top 10 Tips and Tricks that every android User must know. Subscribe for more videos. Lets see if we can reach 100 Likes on this video or not. More Awesome Content below!!!
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Here are the tips which I told you in the video above.
1. How to Clear Defaults from your Apps.
2.How to check which app uses how much data.
3.How to add more than one G-mail account on your device.
4. How to disable Automatic App Updates.
5.How to stop an app from showing notification.
6.How to Check for new updates to your Android Device.
7. How to increase the speed of your Android device.
8.How to turn text prediction Off on Android.
9.How to increase your typing speed on your android device.
10.How to answer and reject calls…

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