Top 10 Reasons NOT To Jailbreak iOS 9

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Should You Jailbreak? 10 Reasons NOT To Jailbreak iOS 9. It’s Not all Fun & Games.

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  1. i permanently bricked my old ipad, what i did what i restarted it during a respring like an idiot and it never came back on (i tried using itunes and it still didn't work

  2. Does anyone else have the problem that their iPhone constantly has moments where the touch screen is unresponsive at times? I've tried most things to fix it. Can anyone help?

  3. I agree 1000%, once the user become's accustomed to a jailbroken device that's it, game over, there is no turning back. might as well rock a flip phone over a stock device.

  4. Hey everythingapplepro, I had a quick question my buddy mentioned that he jailbroke his iPod touch many years ago and it completely shut off and stopped working. I was wondering if there's any danger of that happening with an iPhone 6s or any modern iPhone

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  6. I had an iPad 3 and had 2 major problems with jailbreak. 1. One time my iPad randomly powered off and the ENTIRE thing wiped! 2. In the end my iPad ended up having this glitch that continuously tapped the top and rendered the device unusable.

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