Top 10 New Things In Android N Developer Preview 2

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We take a look at a few of the great new features – some finished, some not – in the latest Android N developer preview, number two (compared to the first N Preview).

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35 Comments on Top 10 New Things In Android N Developer Preview 2

  1. Clear all and calculator button….FINALLY!!! Guess the calendar icon still thinks it's always the 31st of the month 😉 I kid!!! Hey, it's right once a month (some months). Damn Apple and their patents. Seriously though, it looks pretty damn great.

  2. Stock Android is still missing A TON of very useful features. I soooo want to get a stock Android device, just because it'll make me feel like the OS on it is clean (and I really like that stock material design), but Google just doesn't want to include great features from other Android skins. A reboot option, for example, is still missing, like seriously Google? An option to replace light material theme with dark material theme system wide would be so nice to have. Light material app drawer background is absolutely ridiculous, dark material background would save people's eyes (when using the phone in bed, for example) and even phone's battery.

  3. I like all the features on Android N, I just don't want Google to make everything overly complicated. Also the quick toggles aren't all that attractive to me, I like how it was in lollipop and marshmallow.

  4. I love this, such a great update. It adds and tweaks all those little things that make a big difference in the experience. Appreciate stuff like clear all apps, quick reply in notifications, quick app switching and multi window mode, which boost convenience by a lot. This is all about polishing the software experience, really nice…

  5. one thing i didn't liked about google is that it didn't really implemented camera2API to give us a manual mode in google camera app. my Nexus 5 can support 2k video and 60fps at 720p but google seems to forgot about the phone

  6. Actually N has been on my daily driver Nexus 6 since the OTAs were available. Yea in Preview 1, it wasn't as stable, but found it ok. However, Preview 2 IMO is much more stable. Preview 1 I had to restart about twice a day average. On Preview 2, maybe, MAYBE restart once a day.

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