Top 10 iOS Apps of January 2016!

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We are featuring some of the best iOS apps to hit the App Store in the month of January, 2016. Some of the apps mentioned in this video are brand-new to the store while others have simply received new updates. The apps include: Super Phantom Cat – Be a jumpin bro, Inquire by Tamper, NPR One, MSQRD, Grumz, Mild Weather, Sloth Task Manager, Painting With, Guides by Lonely Planet and Save the Line. Please feel free to leave an app suggestion in a comment below and tell us which app is your favorite from the list!

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  1. I love these Videos! I remember when Beau was just a little beau and they were introducing him to Phone Dog. And he would just say hi in a cute voice. Now he's all grown up sniff, sniff. Our baby is all grown up now. ;)

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