Top 10 iOS Apps of February 2016

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It’s that time of the month where we reflect on some of the best apps to hit the App Store in February, 2016. The apps mentioned in this video include Foodie, Twofold Inc., Thrive Market, Blackbox, Super Tribes, Just2Do, AC: Identity, Movesum, Music Memos, and Infuse. Let us know which app is your favorite by leaving a comment below!

Twofold Inc:
Thrive Market:
Super Tribes:
Assassin’s Creed Identity:

28 Comments on Top 10 iOS Apps of February 2016

  1. Instead of just too do, try google keep! It's awesome… My wife and kid use it because it shares amongst us in realtime. Each of us can edit. Makes life easy, for example just a shopping list..

  2. Beau, I just knew you were a FOODIE! We should really get together and do a Food Video like a like the FOOD NETWORK and show them who is KING. Just say in. ;)

  3. Is the iPhone worth getting? Currently, I have a Samsung Note 4 and it's not very good to me it freezes and battery dies quick. I'm getting a new phone but can't decide whether to get an iPhone or an android device. I'm definitely done with samsung products.

  4. The Music Memos app by Apple is pretty nifty just to hear myself or to try a bassline on it. Sadly, the automatic drums feature are pretty lackluster, and the part of it that tries to hear what notes you're playing isn't very accurate when it comes to exactness but it's pretty close.

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