Top 10 – Coolest Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

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This video show you, Top 10 Coolest Google chrome tips and tricks, to increase your productivity. This video is also recommend for those who want to know more about chrome browser’s ability and hidden features.

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#1 : Text editor feature :

#2 : Google dictionary utility (extension) :

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9 Comments on Top 10 – Coolest Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

  1. +Geeks Tutorial I have one problem . I have reseted my windows 10 and in c disk there are windows.old files. I tried disk cleanup and cmd promt to delete this files , but there aren't work

  2. Hmm nice tips and tricks. When I open Google Chrome and made modifications like logging in to Google and after you exit Google Chrome and open it again, It look likes I didn't modified it. Sorry for bad English because from PH. Please find some solutions about this problem bro :).

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