Top 10 Best iOS Games 2016

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Here’s a list of 10 Best Games for iOS 2016 shown on the iPhone 6S Plus. Stay Tuned for more videos 🙂

Top 10 Best HD iOS Games 2016 :

Top 10 Best iOS Apps :

Top iPhone 6s Apps :

Games in this Videos:-
(00:31) Horizon Chase:-

(01:05) Prune:-

(01:48) GTA: Liberty City Stories :-

(02:37) Brothers in Arms 3:-

(03:43) Gunpowder:-

(04:48) AirAttack 2:-

(05:57) Rayman Adventures:-…

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  1. My friend says that MC is the best thing ever and she won't change her Android for a bad iOS device because Android's allow you to have Apptoide and buy MC for free which may have a virus. She shall get a life. I saw games here x10 times better than MC with the graphics and not only. If she'll still say that iOS devices are bad because no MC for free, she shall see this video, even tho not 100% of the games here are free, these games are better than MC.

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