Top 10 Best Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

The first one is waking up your lock screen to a new wallpaper every time without downloading an app for it. It’s all in-built in the Galaxy S7 or the S7 edge. Just go inside your wallpaper settings, select lock screen from the dropdown above and then you need to go into gallery to choose photos that you want to appear at random on your lockscreen.

Smartlock is a feature wherein your device automatically understands you are in a trusted environment, and disables fingerprint requirement if any to allow instant access to device.

Samsung introduced extended screenshots in the Note 4, Note edge and Note 5 series and it’s here in the S7/S7 edge. A lot of times you are reading a news feed or an article and you just want the entire page to be taken as a screenshots. That’s when this nifty feature comes in handy. There are browsers that can do the same thing, but this feature works even in apps which is quite nice. All you need to do is just…

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  1. Hi.. I recently bought a samsung galaxy s7 edge. Can anyone please tell me how to set up notifications on lock screen to show the contact's name but to hide the content/body of the messages. I tried the hide content on lock screen option but it then only shows that i have a new message and no details at all. Ideally I would like to see the contact's name but no content displayed.

  2. You can set your phone up for a triple tap of the home button for grey scale. I like another feature where you can tell your phone to answer that may be good while you drive. Also you can set up your camera when you double click the home button and just say shoot for that fast shot,etc……….

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