Top 10 Best Android – iOS MMORPGs 2015 HD

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Top 10 Android – iOS MMORPG 2015 HD
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Top 10 Best Android – iOS MMORPGs 2015 HD

A good MMORPG can have a strong effect on a person. You can lose yourself for hours upon hours at a time while you go on quests, make new friends, and raise your character to be seriously awesome. The genre hasn’t been around on Android for very long but there are already some popular and fun titles you can hop right into and start playing. Here are the best Android and iOS MMORPGs available right now.

Elemental Knight

Warspear Online

Toram Online

Pocket Legends

Izanagi Online

Forsaken World

Legion of Heroes


35 Comments on Top 10 Best Android – iOS MMORPGs 2015 HD

  1. 10 – elemental knights e qual o nome do jogo seguinte antes do waspers online? parece muito com elemental knights
    10 – elemental knights—–game misterious image game play ….—-09- waspers online

  2. Just giving my vies in 2 of the listed games.
    1) Toram online is quite a good game but It shouldn't be listed because it was not fully developed yet. Although its already official but still there's lots of maps (places) and other things that are still under maintenance. Graphic is perfect. Cute!
    2) Avabel online is one of my favorites. The graphic are stunning. Awesome gear, weapons, outfits and pets. Lots of features such as PvP, GvG, World versus, floor monsters and dungeons. But for some reason I dislike this game because I easily get bored. Very hard to leveling. If we lose when killing mobs, our exp drops and that's effects the leveling process. There's lots of things I dislike about that games but overall it was perfectly cool to play because you don't have stories and you are freely to play the way you.

    For short both are these games are fun to play. I prefered games with chatting system coz we are able to keet ppls from other country….LOL

  3. shouldnt place toram in this list, till its fully done. still many developments and updates arent implented to the game yet. dual wielding for example is one of many features that have been anounced, but arent in the game yet. soon though ^^

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