Top 10 APPS for Android 2016 (MUST HAVE)

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Top 10 Android applications for the BlackBerry Priv or Android device

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Google Now Launcher
BBC Weather
MSN Weather
Hola Unblocker
ASTRO File Manager
File Manager
Office Manager
Apple Music
Adobe Acrobat (PDF’s)
Adobe E-sign Manager
Adobe Fill…

13 Comments on Top 10 APPS for Android 2016 (MUST HAVE)

  1. Android os toy! Sorry but I stay on BlackBerry 10 ! My BlackBerry Passport SE is the best device for productivity ! <br />BlackBerry os 10 is secure and fast! <br />I don't need candy Marshmallows ! <br />I have all applications I need on BlackBerry 10 os!<br /><br />

  2. Amazing video amazing phone amazing camera amazing appsHhhhBut I have a question can Google camera app take pictures faster than priv's camera app!!!!??? (on priv)!?I mean like nexus 6p speed at least not iphone or s7 speed!!!

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