[Tips & Tricks with DaYDreaMz] Know Your Stats

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My Lords, Get to know what all those numbers mean. This video will give you a stat breakdown 🙂

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16 Comments on [Tips & Tricks with DaYDreaMz] Know Your Stats

  1. Yo guys, this is Flow. 🙂 I make COK vids, Clash Royale vids :). I make tips and tricks, rants and much more!! PLEASE check me out and drop a thumbs up and subscribe if new :). I want to get to 1k quick please :). Thank you for subbing if new and checking me out :)

  2. This guy's advice is whack and is ONLY for big spenders.Yeah once you've set your skills just keep resetting at 1k gold a time.Also to get most of the shut this moron is talking about you've got to be lord level 38+ therefore ignoring probably 80% of players.Cok please stop getting this cretin to make videos

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