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The Bloodthirster is a weapon from League of Legends. It offers Life Steal properties and a unique passive for the user that if Life Steal would overheal the user, the user is granted a shield. In the case of RPG Maker MV, it will be in the form of an Absorption Barrier! Let’s recreate this effect!

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37 Comments on Tips & Tricks – The Bloodthirster (League of Legends) – RPG Maker MV

  1. In case my first idea wasnt good enough (cry) , how about a recharge system with the limited skill cost – After X number of turns you gain a charge of that skill. Similar to the recharge system in WoW where a certain skill recharges after like 12sec.

  2. How about an effect that deals more damage the more you spend of?
    cough allow me to explain; To be more simplistic, think of an Arcane Mage in World of Warcraft. They build up Arcane Charges up to 4 and then spend them on a single skills while that skill will have a more better effect base on the number of charges spent. (eg; More damage, more healing, etc…)
    I dont want to spoil too much but I'm using your Skill Item Cost Plugin as an Alternate resource system and I want to make an effect where the skills will cost the number of charges and spent them all at once and get a bigger effect out of it.

  3. looks at new channel banner
    NOW I WANT A YEP CCG with Yan and Friends and Aekashic's monsters

    Anyway, how about emulating the effect of Ring of Destruction from Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game?
    Its original effect is destroying a monster and inflicts damage to both players equal to the monster's ATK, including buffs. (After erratum, it only inflicts damage by it original (i.e., "base" ATK).

  4. Hi Yanfly,
    Is it possible to recreate Final Fantasy XI Skillchains and Magic Burst ? The addition of 2 skills making an unique elemental effect that can increase magic damages if a spell of the same element is cast within a good time ?

    I really like what you all do, cheers!

  5. GOOD JOB!
    Hey! What's up? I have a small proposal 😉 Give me a few minutes and I will amuse you. I'm serious! 😉 You know it well, I know it well, that it is another advertisement. Hard life, I'm sorry! xD I hope you will forgive me. Just try my vid. Maybe you'll like it. Perhaps I will change your life. I'm joking! xD Good luck in recording yt vid's! Have a nice day 🙂

  6. Hi,
    Yanflys Battle Engine Core plugin is a great plugin and all but it gives me a few problems:
    1) I start my battles always with an Text common event, but with the YEP_BEC active, the first seconds of a battle, the battle window is displayed instead of the text.
    2) I can't have a phase when only text and no enemy is on screen. When the first enemy is on 0 HP and the text is displayed that a new enemy is about to appear, the first enemy is still visible until the new one has arrived.(Yes with himes "EndPhaseTriggers" this is possible)
    3) Is there a way that the enemy waits for collapsing until the HP bar is "on 0"? Of course I can set the enemies immortal but then I have problem number 2 =D

    Maybe somebody knows a workaround/solution for this problems?
    Thank you for your help and sorry for possible grammar mistakes and noobnes :D

  7. I have a suggestion!

    So, I've been playing "Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam" lately, and saw an interesting boss battle. You had to fight Wiggler as a main boss, and a pair of mooks that would respawn to back him up, while Kamek watched on from the background and could not be targeted.

    The catch was, upon depleting Wiggler's HP to zero, Kamek would zip up to the battlefield, fight for himself for a couple turns, then revive Wiggler before zipping back to the background for safety.

    How would you make a boss like that? An enemy that cannot be targeted until the minions (or just a special minion) are defeated, and is only vulnerable for a short time until reviving the minions. Also, as an added effect, how would you make the minions stay on-screen in a "defeated" pose until their revival?

  8. Could you make a skill that works like Mimic from the Final Fantasy, where you use the exact move that the person before you did without spending and HP/MP/TP/Items etc?

  9. Is it possible to create a shadow clone attack, the likes of naruto?
    Where the user summons one (or more) duplicate(s) of himself, with almost no health, so it would be able to deal damage but gets instantly destroyed when attacked.
    That would be an awesome skill.

  10. Idea for tips and tricks! What about an effect for enemies that mimics Leblanc's passive from LoL? The enemy disappears momentarily, and then a 'clone' is made that looks the same and has the same HP and stats and everything, but the clone won't fight and will disappear on the enemy's next turn. Since this is a turn based game, I'd want it to occur at the end of the enemy's turn EVERY turn that they have less than 40% HP left, and the clone vanishes at the start of their following turn.

    I'll be honest, this effect probably sounds like a plugin. ;; But if it IS possible with what already exists I'd like to know. 😀 Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  11. Overheal shields! Nice, definitely using this no matter what. Is there a way to place a limit on the amount of barrier the character gains? For example, the Bloodthirster does have a limit that's determined by the user's level. How could I recreate this?

    If possible, I'd actually prefer the limit to be 10% of the user's max HP. :3

  12. Flying Dream basically took the words from my mouth before I could even type them. Super cool seeing the combined efforts of 4 plugins for an effect :D. Seems like a great way to give you an early advantage without making it unbalanced over time, thanks for another awesome tips & tricks :D.

    EDIT: And like others have mentioned, adorable intro :3

  13. We need a script for item, skill details. the 2 lines are not enough. I wish i could klick on an item or skill with 2 options: open details or choose "use".

  14. I would love to see the skill second chance/once more from kingdom hearts into rpg maker, so the players woudn't have to worry so much at so many things, just like the phonix ring, but to let the player on "fatal" (1 hp).
    Also, I don't appreciate your sass FlyingDream, let the rabbit be happy!
    Also² Love dat intro

  15. Awesome Video, as always.
    Could you do an Effect where you deal damage and a certain amount of the dealt damage gets added to the attacker as an absob-shield?

  16. Secret of Mana & Secret of Evermore have this really cool system in which the more you use a particular magical skill, the more effective it will become. I would love to see how you would create that in RM.

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