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Spirit Shackles is a unique skill from Guild Wars where the target affected by it will lose 5 MP each time they attack. Now, you can produce the same effect in RPG Maker!

Skill Core:

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28 Comments on Tips & Tricks – Spirit Shackles (Guild Wars) – RPG Maker MV

  1. You could make an entire class and skill set around just this idea alone, with each state taking away something from the player or enemy for their actions.

  2. Pre damage eval…

    Suddenly I see so many possibilities with that note-tag. But, I don't know Javascript. :/ I'll have to look through other note-tags and see if there's anything interesting I can invent using this, hmmmm

  3. So I figured out how to create this effect and make it percent based. However in the actual game I get decimals. Is there any way to fix this? Here is what I'm using:

    <Pre-Damage Eval>
    if (user.isStateAffected(32)) {
    user.gainHp (-(a.hp/2)) ;
    </Pre-Damage Eval>

    So its reducing the user's HP by half of what their current HP is. But the problem is if they have like 73 HP current then they'll lose 36.5 and it'll actually show the .5 as part of their new HP.

  4. Hi Yanfly, can you make a tips & tricks video about how to create a skill like bide from pokemon, where the damage you take is noticed for a certain time and afterwards you counter with the the same amount of damage taken times two or three.

  5. Hey Yanfly, maybe for the next tips and tricks video, try recreating the bankai effect of bleach. Your sword transforms into a better sword until the battle is over!

  6. Hey Yanfly, I have a few ideas for something to make in RPG maker, 1: A summon done FF(Final fantasy) style(the user summons the monster, the party disappears and the monster attacks and leaves) 2: Sabin's Blitz Skill(the one where you input a button combo when you activate the skill for diferent effects) 3: The input combo skills, like the one you made a script for in VxAce days

  7. Hi Yanfly! 😀 I'm wirting for a ideia on the next Tips & Tricks, what about an Item… like "Life Pendant" that brings you back to life once you're dead and then disappears? Maybe this will only be possible with the "items break by usage" plugin, or maybe it is already possible, is it? thank you very much! :)

  8. how bout a tips an tricks on how to make a reverse damage effect? like if your effected with a certain effect damage heals and healing damages….. and make the enemy smart enough to utilize it

  9. There is a form to do a spell become more powerfull each turn you are charging it, so you can choose between use it early or wait a few turns for its full potencial?
    (Like Ar Tonelico songs)

  10. i tweaked this tips a bit so i can apply "thornmail"-like effect from league of legend
    just follow the same method except for the notes..

    <Pre-Damage Eval>
    if (target.isStateAffected(80)) {
    user.gainHP(target.def * -0.25);
    </Pre-Damage Eval>

    so if the anyone who wears the "thornmail" get basic attack from enemy, they will inflicted HP damage by thornmail wearer's 25% def. still not figured how to reflect percentage of dmg taken tho.. help anyone ?

  11. How about an enemy overkill mechanic like in FFX and FFX-2 which increases the drop rate or gives unique drops if you finish off an enemy with an attack that brings their remaining HP way past 0

  12. Is possible to make the Freeze State from Shin Megami Tensei,?

    Freeze: When the Target is inflicited with it, all Physical Skills Land a Critical Hit on the affected,

  13. Just want to point out this effect is more devastating in Guild Wars as even though it is only 5 energy the original Guild Wars had a base energy of 20. So 5 energy is 25% of your energy gone per attack. So Marsha could have effectively been losing 50-ish MP instead of 5 MP.

  14. Hmm.
    Is it possible to make a refund item or skill?
    This would make them forget a skill or all skills that they have learned and would give them their JP back.
    It could give them the full cost of the skill like JP, gold, items, etc. or half.
    If not, you should totally consider this as an add-on! :]

  15. Is there anyway you can make transformations like in Hyperdimension Neptunia or other RPGs that have transformations using current plugins? In Hyperdimension Neptunia when your character transforms in battle they get stat increases with obvious appearance change for the entire battle unless you are either knocked out, or choose to return to normal.

  16. Is there a way to lock a certain character in a certain slot WITHOUT using your Party Member Plugin? Like, it's a great plugin and all, but I don't need all of the extra features just to lock the main character in the Player 1 Slot.

  17. I'm attempting to make a Zantetsuken-type skill for a Samurai, which has a 50% chance to instantly defeat the entire enemy team. If it fails, the user of the attack is KO'd instead. What I'd like to know, however, is how to make that 50% chance calculate once for the entire enemy party, not once for every target – that effectively lowers the chance that the skill will kill them and increase the chance that it kills the user. Any ideas?

  18. I know this is unrelated, but I'm trying to make a battle tutorial. The "instructor" type character is supposed to be teaching the protagonist about his/her/their hp, mp, and tp gauges, but whenever a text window is up, the window in which the gauges are on disappears.

    Do you know how I would fix this? Thanks!

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