Tips & Tricks- Injustice: Gods Among Us – iOS

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As you get farther in injustice IOS edition it will become increasingly difficult to keep the game free and still fun. Here I’ve accumulated tips & tricks on 3 different categories; Combat, Upgrades, And how to keep the game free. I hope I helped out a lot of you and if i did be sure to like and share this video to help fellow derp and derpetts.

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32 Comments on Tips & Tricks- Injustice: Gods Among Us – iOS

  1. I was only wearing my right headphone and i was so confused as how this was a informative video… then i put my left headphone in and could hear him talking. xD

  2. Don't nag that I didn't find this out earlier but, if u haven't yet realized this it's a very crucial tip as well don't go for anything but gold cards I know it's seems like a noobish tip but they practically will utterly crush any opposition.

  3. You do know that each booster pack gives you one randomly selected card from the said category (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and two randomly selected support cards right? Wait. I guess you don't. 

  4. just reading the comments, and it is so funny to see how devastated someone buying a gold pack and got only harley. cant blame them harley is really a trash card compared to other gold cards hahah

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