Tips to: Maximize battery, Make phone faster, and use hidden features on Android (Galaxy S3)

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Here are some of the most important tips that have helped me. Hope you enjoy!

33 Comments on Tips to: Maximize battery, Make phone faster, and use hidden features on Android (Galaxy S3)

  1. Until I come across your video I was ready to throw my phone away it was so slow ,but now it's way faster almost like the day I got it all thanks to you Bro,. respek great video…..

  2. My battery sudden drains fast.  Someone said the small square behind the battery will turn color if it got moisture in in.  I have an otter box, and it has gotten wet a couple times and I thought I dried it off.  The little square has pink letters with white background. So it seems that the phone got moisture in it.

  3. I have a Note 3 but came across this video and decided to watch for basic tips. Some things I knew but some I did not which will be quite beneficial. Thank you for a very helpful video.

  4. This vid is common sense if you know anything about technology. Good way to take up another bullshit site on youtube! Yes all your great tools and tips, i'm sure my 3 year old could have figured out, in around 5 minutes. Wow. And seriously dude change your intro! Get a little more informed of what they can actually do E.G. Rooting to extend power, feed back loops " you can run everything you want, and it will easily be able to keep up performance & power %". Just a few tips bro, I have done computers & networks, Web Development and all mobile devices around. You can do a lot more than you are telling people, and in a much easy to use way & still retain full performance & power! Wy above what they are @ just using the basic power saving settings. Look into rooting & back fed loops bro, you will not believe what you do then.

  5. so much to learn …… but was pleased to see I had already set in place regarding power saving on my samsung S4 = now i have to study about getting rid of too many photos & videos on cell phone (not just the Picasa ones ) As I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet and they are all on there too and on the PC …..I would like to clear the lot on phone.I already turned auto sync off would it help if I deleted google + off the phone …? I only realised recently trhat it was my photos using up too much data and will TRY to use more sparingly.
    All useful comments aprecciated = Thanks !

  6. thanks! My phone speed up a lot after your tips. One question. How can I turn S voice back?
    Other question. my phone entered in safe mode and I can not restore to normal by turn it on and off. Any suggestion?

  7. Hey, thanks for the nice explanatory videos. I have a question which my searches came up empty on answers. On my Galaxy 3 I have 2 email accounts. I get notifications twice for each email on each account. I noticed there's an app called Gmail and another called email. I can't erase either one. I must have setup both accounts in each one (twice). I also have a prob with my contacts: i have a contact who has whassup, phone, email, cell, tango so he has 5 separate contacts. I set phone contacts only, doesn't really help 100%. I also have samsung account for some reason and I really don't need it.

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