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Hittin’ ya up with some Tips and Tricks! Some of them might help you bring up your game and others might just help with your popularity in high-school. Either way, don’t be mad at me if they don’t work! Can’t believe Sweaty Fingers Mcgoo got an 18k+ game.

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  1. one thing is  that when you are bigger its harder to turn so turn the opisite way of  snake if your close and dont hit the border if u dont know u probably do and when ur bigger try to traparound 2 or 3 small ones or depending how you are and you can fool them acting like your a "bot" and just spin in circles and they try to get u then u go after them also when your stuck in a trap try to make it so the cant squeeze in then try to make them run into you and ILYSM its so funny when you sing and make funny voices and sing also when you cuss I just love how you get really raged you are so amazing now I shall beinge watch your videos while eating bacon toast and eggs if I could afford that ill just et frosted flakes and not milk jk I don't have frosted flake I ate them all I shall attempt making bacon eggs and toast do you have 911 on speed dial?

  2. What do you do if a guy liked you first then you started liking then you started hating him then he did not like you so then you started liking another guy and then after that you started liking him again you also think that him and another guy that used to like you liked you again and then you start to like them both please read my comment

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