Tips and tricks for iOS 7

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Apple released the latest version of its mobile platform to the masses today, iOS 7. We’ve seen iOS 7 plenty of times since June, and we’ve personally given a handful of tours, including a GM walkthrough last week. With all the changes, hidden features are a given, so we’ve composed a list of iOS 7 tips and tricks for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


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    This is how to put a folder inside another folder.
    – Make two folders
    – Hold on one folder, when you hold on a folder it gives you the ability to move it.
    – But just as you hold on it double click your home button before it starts the effect of holding the folder down.
    – Then your folder or app gets frozen and is stuck on your screen, DONT MOVE IT YET.
    – Just after you've done that go back to your home screen and click inside the other folder, and you can see that your folder you have froze is still there.
    – Then you can go drag your frozen folder in to the other folder, and now you have a folder inside a folder!
    -This also works with apps*

  2. Too bad you all on iOS 7 can't get f.lux haha, I'll hold off on upgrading, I'm not missing out on anything. iOS 7 doesn't have anything I just NEED to have the older version does just fine, and until a jailbreak is out for it just for the sole purpose of having f.lux, then I'm not upgrading.

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  4. The disadvantage of App updates is bugs with updates. I like reading reviews of Apps prior to updating to make sure the update is stable. Is there a way to display weather in the notification center?

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