Time Travel May Become a Reality Soon

Time Travel May Become a Reality Soon

Time Traveling has always been one of the craziest fantasies of mankind. It has always been an interesting topic to talk about from time to time. Thanks to technological advances, the time machine, probably, will no longer be a wishful thinking.

However, the bad news is it may not be possible to travel backwards in time. The reason, some scientists say that a trip to the future will be more likely to occur than with a trip to the past.

One of the scientists whose groundwork governs time travel is Albert Einstein. He is considered to lay the basis for many theoretical sciences which dramatically changed our understanding of time and space. Einstein’s theory of relativity developed the foundation that time travel is possible.

In connection with the theory of relativity, Einstein came up with the idea of Einstein-Rosen bridge, better known by the name ‘Wormhole.’ According to him, the wormhole can serve as a bridge to shorten the course of space-time. Unfortunately, this was considered almost impossible, because the wormhole is very difficult to discover.

In recent years, we’ve seen some aspects of Einstein’s fanciful theories proven true. The latest and maybe most exciting theory is called ‘Time Dilatation.’ An experiment this year, proved this theory to be a real phenomenon. It is also a phenomenon that can allow us to travel into the future.

Dilatation of time basically refers to the idea that time passes more slowly for a moving clock than it does for a stationary clock. The force of gravity also affects the difference in elapsed time. The greater the gravity and the greater the velocity, the greater the difference in time. Black hole is a fundamental property of space-time as described in the theory of relativity.

This theory has been applied in NASA programs. This causes the clock on the ISS (space station) to rotate slower than the clock on earth. This is because the ISS is moving faster and is not affected by gravity.

For example, if you jump from a space rocket that is moving very fast, time on Earth will move more quickly. You can take a spin around the galaxy and return to Earth in the future.

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