This is what Mark Zuckerberg got for using the password ‘dadada’

This is what Mark Zuckerberg got for using the password ‘dadada’

The boss of the most famous social media of the world should always inform users about security. But Mark Zuckerberg himself is yet to learn some lessons because his social media accounts have recently been hacked.

The chief executive of Facebook used the extremely simple password ‘dadada’ on his profiles on Twitter and Pinterest. Zuckerberg showed the world that he has not yet completely mastered the technology world regarding the security of his social network accounts. Last Sunday, his Twitter and Pinterest pages were hacked by the cybercriminal group called OurMine that in addition to posting tweets and images without his permission, also revealed the password for the accounts.

According to the cyber criminals who have invaded Zuckerberg’s profiles, the same password “dadada” was used by Zuckerberg on his LinkedIn social network in 2012, when more than 160 million LinkedIn username and passwords combinations were stolen.

The hackers tweeted on Zuckerberg’s page,

“Hey we got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please direct message us.”

However, it has been now deleted.

In addition to Twitter and Pinterest, the hackers said they also accessed the Instagram profile of Zuckerberg. However, nothing has been posted on the social network, making it impossible to prove this invasion.

Facebook has confirmed that Zuckerberg profiles on Twitter and Pinterest were attacked, but the password has been now recovered.

On the other hand, Model Kylie Jenner, guitarist Keith Richards, and Tenacious D band’s accounts have also been hacked.



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