This is 3D Touch in Android N

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We were able to get 3D Touch working (as a demonstration in Android N. For more infor, visit

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44 Comments on This is 3D Touch in Android N

  1. did you read this sentance?"하드웨어적인 추가요소 없이 아이콘 하단 스와이프로 메뉴를 불러오다니,,, 대단하고만. 안드 N올라갈 대부분의 모델을은 사용할수 있겠네"

  2. This is terrible! I definitely won't buy a phone if it requires the use of 3D touch, even if it's a Nexus (every smartphone I've owned so far has been a Nexus). I can use touchscreens because that's all you have to do, touch them. My fingers don't work well enough to press buttons so putting pressure on the screen will only make things harder for me. The swipe gestures would work well for me though. If they use that as on option, then I could get use out of it.

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