This could fix the iPhone 7

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If the iPhone 7 rumors of no headphone jack are true, here’s what needs to happen.
$24 Wireless EarPod Clones: Kale:
$800 Lightning Headphones:

Sony h.ear on headphones:
JBL Everest 300:

My Gear:

41 Comments on This could fix the iPhone 7

  1. If they do make the EarPods wireless it would be wayyyyyy better if they made them water proof because I like doing sports with them in and they get really easily damaged with sweat

  2. You should try the Sony h.ear in ear model. Also, could you PRETTY PLEASE check out the Status Audio HD Two? I'm broken between spending all my money on MDR-1A or those, and there's a 70 dollar price gap!

  3. with the big drop in stock today Apple's not looking so hot they will launch the seven early and without headphone jack they're heading in the wrong direction bye bye Apple hello Android

  4. I dont like cables either but when you move from cable to wireless connection (Bluetooth) it makes your battery lower and lower… And we are ALREADY dealing with the battery situation on iPhones-iPads and iPods… If there is no headphonejack in i7, i wont be buying it as a 4 earbuds and 2 earphone owner/user… This is so ridiculus.

  5. The world needs to stop acting like little bitches. Where have the floppy disks, ethernet, firewire, 30 Pin connectors and even disk drives gone? Give it a year, maybe 2, and we'll have forgotten about it. Apple are probably the only company who have enough influence to pull this off, and when we're living in a world free of 100 year old ports, we'll all be thanking the people that made sacrifices for the greater good.

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