This Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer Will Give You Goosebumps!

This Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer Will Give You Goosebumps!

Yesterday on E3, Electronic Arts officially launched the Gameplay Trailer of Battlefield 1 and the Multiplayer gaming session right from the E3 platform. After last month’s trailer, Battlefield 1 was the top watched video on YouTube, pushing behind the Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare! Yesterday they launched the gameplay trailer and I was blown away with the Physics, environment, and the objects of the game! The brutal warfare, mortar’s bombing, plane crashes, airships, horses, tanks, and motorcycles and what more? This will be the best Battlefield game after their first launch of the original Battlefield.

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This new footage showed the variety of combat sessions, while you take your bayonet to kill the enemy in a stealth mode or kill by the sniper riffle as a rugged and angry soldier. If you would love to shoot the airships and biplanes ride your own plane and kill those enemies with the fully loaded gun! Or, if you want to kill the ground enemies, ride in to a tank and make sure you hold your ears before launching the mortars. Oh one more thing, the dynamic weather will amuse you to get a cinematic feel in every frame rate!


Everyone on YouTube got stunned by the graphics from one of the best FROSTBITE gaming engines right now. So, everyone was expecting for a perfect gameplay footage after the reveal trailer last month. And here it comes alive. Sorry, Activision, EA took your place this time with this intensive and immersive gameplay session and the powerful cinematic gameplay environment!


Battlefield 1 is scheduled for release on October 21, 2016 with first access of EA on Xbox One, then PlayStation 4 and Windows!


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