Think twice before firing the IT Developer of your company

Think twice before firing the IT Developer of your company

The IT System of Agilent company was destabilized by one of its developers who was fired from his job. However, the consequences did not really bring about anything favorable for the accused developer as he was later sentenced 10 years of imprisonment.

Believe this or not, a few days ago when I came across an article online, which was also about a programmer who designed an auto work bot that carried out the programmer’s task for 6 long years! During this time, the programmer did everything apart from work; the end result, well, as the developer’s ingenious robot was taking care of his work, the programmer eventually forgot how to code due to lack of practice, and he’s still without any source of income (job).


Another similar situation arose but with different motives. A 47-year-old programmer named Kenneth Kezeor who was an ex-employee of Agilent, a company that took over Varian. After 2 years, the company opted for downsizing (lay off) its employment for sustenance. As a result, Kezeor along with a few other employees lost their jobs.

It was difficult for Kezeor to absorb this sudden loss of his job and made up his mind to not let go of the event without a protest. Consequently, he spent the next four months to bring down Agilent’s IT system by using the information of his ex-employer. According to DoJ’s website, the programmer disarrayed all the information and data present in Agilent’s IT system.

To make matters worse, Kezeor used his colleague’s account on Microsoft Access for destabilizing Agilent’s customer support. However, the perpetrator was caught red-handed who immediately confessed all his ill motives right then. He decided to take revenge by intentionally bringing down Agilent’s IT system.

Kenneth Kezeor was charged in 2014 with 3 crimes- one, consciously damaging a protected computer system; second, for unauthorized access into an internationally protected IT system, and third for identity theft.

Currently, the accused programmer is moving about free on bond and waiting for his sentence that will be taking place in September. He will need to spend 10 years in prison with a fine of $250,000!


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