These are the ways Sir Richard Branson has taken Social Media to the next level

These are the ways Sir Richard Branson has taken Social Media to the next level

Sir Richard Branson is one of the most successful and prominent entrepreneurs of all time, regardless of the real world and social media. He has more than seven million followers on Twitter, nine million on LinkedIn with three million “Likes” on Facebook.

However, success in the world of social media does not only depend on the number of “Likes” and “Followers.” In order to become immensely popular on social media, Sir Richard Branson has adopted these following strategies for portraying leadership, generating leads and also developing relationship with his followers on social media.

He is a storyteller

The best way to brew immense engagement in every content is to instill deeper connection with followers is storytelling. This strategy has the ability to connect deeply by generating a more personal experience.

Regardless of such humongous number of followers, Branson frequently manages to stay in touch with them by responding to their tweets or messages by adding personal pictures along with his response. The only way of being successful on social media by generating a sense of authenticity, which professional online marketing teams fail to perform.

Richard Branson said,

“ It depends what else I’m doing and where I am, but I make sure to check in at least a couple of times a day.”

When he was asked how often he spends his valuable time on social media.

He generates traffic for his Virgin website

The main purpose of social media is to generate higher website traffic for making further sales. Moreover, this immensely successful entrepreneur understands the dire need for entirely unique and original blog posts that he shares everyday.

The traffic he has managed to gather is directly channelled to Virgin’s website. And the only effective method of doing this is, by sharing links with highly engaging tweets for all his followers.

He enjoys every moment!

Sir Richard Branson is well aware of his followers’ interests, for which he shares images and pictures of cute animals or funny incidents, including personal experiences that generate maximum leads.

This strategy does not only trigger numerous responses but also binds the followers closer by instilling trust and authenticity.

He graciously accepts criticism

Followers are going to comment, both positively and negatively and to that Mr. Branson replied,

I enjoy reading through my social media feeds. It’s a great way to get feedback about our goods and services, and a wonderful  way to find inspiration for new ideas.

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Using his #AskRichard platform, this billionaire always manages to engage his followers about any particular topic of interest. He has adopted community based tactic instead of the adversarial tactic that brings about more followers.

Refrain from the usual approach, rather try to build greater commitment at personal level that helps to build stronger relationships with millions of followers online.


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