TheaterMax (Vibe X3 & K4 Note) – How it Works & What You Can Do!

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All you need to know about Lenovo’s new TheaterMax and the AntVR Headset.
You can buy a Vibe K4 Note /w AntVR from Amazon –

Vibe X3 Full Review –

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27 Comments on TheaterMax (Vibe X3 & K4 Note) – How it Works & What You Can Do!

  1. hi ash , if u be so kind to help me out . i am thinking of buying k4 note and i love big screens , and also a fan of everything related to vr and use mobile for reading books, games youtube , browsing so should i buy k4 note , if u suggest i should they plz tell me should i take the vr headset which comes in bundle or i should buy the other vr headset in the market plz help me out here i have almost no experience in buying smartphones . and it would be my 2nd time buying a smartphone earlier i had lenovo ideatab a-1000 tablet (fablet) . and i am extremly sorry for troubling u . and a thx in advance for any comments i receive

  2. 1. Does blitzwolf vr support Theater max experience with Lenovo vibe x3 ?
    2. I have a Lenovo Vibe x3 and I want to play 3d contents, and want to experience Theater max technology as well, so please suggest me best VR headset.
    Thanks in advance..

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