The Xperia Z5 series design from Sony

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Smartphones with camera know-how:
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Discover more and make it yours Xperia Z5:

Crafted with the finest materials:

Built to keep going and going…

The best of Sony. Packed with entertainment, powered by Android:

Admire every sophisticated and detailed angle of the new Xperia Z5 series: Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium

Packing a powerful hit of battery stamina and technology innovation, these beautifully designed smartphones are full of the features you’ve been looking for – and a few you didn’t even know were possible.

Experience a beautiful sense of unity with the Xperia Z5 series

30 Comments on The Xperia Z5 series design from Sony


    Yes i like the batery…. But when the fake watter prof certification o the touchscreen does not work… just say goodbye to your money. Cause dealing with Sony had made me never buy any other sony gadget in my life!!

    They where so disobliged, they dont have any rep or any store where you can go and speak wit someone.. they just gave me a number where a guy tells you "sorry i cant do anything for you". I try to ask him for the official name of the company cause i was so angry i was going for a demand and he just told me he didnt had that information…. so smart of them…!!

    My Xperia Z3 was replaced 3 times in the year of warranty because of the touchscreen… the 3th time i realized they didnt replace them for new phones like i was told…
    they gave me other users old phones they returned and "repair", i knew that cause the IMEI code accualy threw old information at the service center of other users and accualy they gave me a phone that was bought months before i got mine….. obviously now thats its falling again i have no more warranty…. it past only one week since the end of it and they dont discount the more than 25 days it was at the service center in the 3 times i mentsion , and they just told me "sorry i cant do anything for you, you can ask for a payed reparation".

  2. You're always talking about same boring things. I gave up my z3 and I've bought another phone (of course it is not a Sony) and I feel good now. I will always tell my friends and students not to buy a Sony; I will do that forever…
    Prof. Dr. Kasım Kıroğlu

  3. dear sony, ive just bought an experia z5 for two weeks and its already have a huge crack on its back.i AM REALLY DISSAPOINTED by your low quality phone with such a high price,I BEG FOR YOUR SOLUTION on how i could fix the crack.

  4. 11/11/2014 tarihinde bir Sony Xperia z3 satın aldım. Öğretim üyesi arkadaşlarımla "en iyi akıllı telefon hangisi" üzerine tartışıyorduk (tek sony xperia'lı bendim); arkadaşlar iphone, samsung, lg vs'nin en iyi telefon olduğunu iddia ederken, ben de doğal olarak kendi telefonumu övüyordum. Ve bunu desteklemek için telefonumun su-geçirmez özelliğinden bahsettim ve masadaki bir bardak içme suyunu telefonumun üzerine döktüm. Sonuç hüsrandı ve arkadaşlarıma mahçup oldum; telefonum su geçirmişti. Sonra beraberinde pekçok sorun ortaya çıktı. En sonunda telefonu düşürüp kırdım ve şu anda neredeyse kullanılmaz durumda.

    I had bought a Sony xperia z3 on 11/11/2014. I preferred Sony cause you said "It's water-resistant" on your advertisement. A few months ago, while we're eating and talking with my professor colleagues, one of my friends said that "my telephone is the best", and then the others said mine is best etc. Finally I said mine (the only Sony was mine) is the best cause it is water-resistant. And I spilled a glass of water on my Sony xperia z3. The result was a disaster: it wasn't water-resistance. As you guess, I was very ashamed in that position. After that I had a lot of problems with my telephone; at the moment it is almost out of order. Be sure that I'll never buy any Sony any more and tell my students and friends "not to buy Sony".
    Doç. Dr. Kasım KIROĞLU
    (Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi, TURKEY)

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